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Bristol acupuncture and massage specialists

There are two ancient and respected medical practices that combine well with each other produce physical and mental well-being. Acupuncture has been around for perhaps thousands of years and has been a staple of Chinese medicine since at least the time of Christ. In its very basic form acupuncture helps a body move towards its best state of health by allowing energy to flow around the body as freely as it can.


This is done by a trained acupuncturist inserting tiny needles at points where they can best provide this free flow of energy to assist the body in either recovery and repair or to simply maintain a better level of general health.


A not totally dissimilar way of inducing a better state of mental and physical health is to use ancient massage techniques. A qualified masseuse will make use of various techniques and different levels of intensity so that they will be able to help the body remove tension and stress and induce a feeling of quality relaxation.

Used separately or in combination these two ancient medical arts can be extremely beneficial for a huge variety of conditions and complaints. The catch being that a potential patient really does need to find a fully qualified and competent practitioner so that they receive the best possible treatment available.

Those fortunate enough to live in and around the area will be able to make use of the best massage Bristol as to offer at the Clifton Therapy Room, which also provides the very best acupuncture Bristol residents will be able to use in complete trust and confidence that they are receiving the finest quality therapy available in this part of the country.


The quality of implementation of acupuncture and massage is essential, therefore only truly qualified therapists should ever be considered. You would not go to a doctor who did not have the proper certification so you should not consider doing anything different with a massage or acupuncture specialist.


Both of these disciplines certainly require the best and most suitable environment in order to be totally successful. The patient needs to feel comfortable in a very relaxed atmosphere and environment in order to receive the full benefits that can be obtained from massage and acupuncture treatments.


If you are considering acupuncture or massage then be sure that you are dealing with qualified practitioners who can provide exactly the right environment which can bring about the best possible results for your personal needs.


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