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A Healthy Breakfast

With a little creativity, an attractive cooked dishes, some tips from us and be very simple. Must remember one thing before you start: make healthy food choices and tasty. Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, should provide much of the nutritional needs of the organization.

What are healthy options for breakfast?

* Carbohydrates integrated (bread, cereal, biscuits included)

Protein low-fat milk * or (eggs, yogurt, cheese, milk and tofu);

* The good fats (nuts, flax seeds, vegetable oils);

* Fruit juice 100% natural fruit and vegetables.

And if you want something special and not a typical breakfast cereal and milk. Here’s what you can do after the basics (food only in good health), but to make everything more digestible and appetizing.

1. Pour into a transparent container of yogurt and whole grains (add a little flax seed to enrich with Omega-3 fatty acids), another layer of yogurt and sprinkle with a few pieces of dried fruit: strawberry and kiwi.

2. Mix in blender: mango, yogurt and orange juice. If you do not have problems with your throat, you can add a little ‘ice. In addition, drink, put on a plate with a slice of toast with butter and a little above ‘ham. A slice of lettuce, some sliced ​​carrots and place on plate.

3. Wide variety of chopped vegetables (onion, zucchini, red pepper) in a little oil. Beat eggs and pour over vegetables. Famous tortilla is a perfect choice if you like your eggs. Put some cheese on top and sprinkle with fresh herbs for flavor.

4. Mix the chopped vegetables with slices of breast of chicken (with spices and cooked on the grill) and 2 boiled potatoes. The composition was poured over 2 eggs and bake until they realize that formed a crust on top. Serve with fruit and a salad.

5. Cut a whole wheat bun in the middle, and showcase some cream cheese, a slice of salmon, a few slices of tomato and sliced ​​red onion and peppers peppers. Serve with half a grapefruit or grapefruit juice freshly squeezed.

6th Take a few slices of bread, passed through the eggs and fry in a little oil. Before you put the bread on a platform, you can arrange some lettuce leaves on a plate. Serve with your choice of fruit.

And do not forget the Red Rose (or another flower of your choice): At work!

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