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Assess Your Health

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When trying to assess and understand your health and fitness, there are some key factors we should all look at. Height, weight, strength, clothes size, and stress levels just to name a few. And while these factors certainly matter, there are some other pieces of the health and fitness pie that we need to consider when looking at natural health and fitness. Check them out below.

Important Numbers
When was the before you had blood test done? Have you been putting off your annual physical because you are scared of what your doctor might say? It is critical that you know and comprehend your own personal health and fitness as indicated by blood pressure level, pulse rate, blood cholesterol, and blood glucose. Understanding these will help you set up an effective strategy for better physical health and fitness, and it will give you a guideline from which to base your improvement. So educate yourself, and aim for health.

Recovery Time
How long does it take you to restore from a tough exercise, from going up the set of stairways, from doing 20 jumping jacks? Understanding how quickly you restore and restore a normal, unlabored respiratory rate can be a great signal of your measure of fitness level. If you are huffing for minutes post-workout, keep up the great work and look for improvement. If you can go for an increase and maintain constant respiration, you might be better off than you thought. Whatever your present health and fitness, there is always room for improvement or different goals.

Waist Circumference
Waist circumference can indicate your risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Seek the help of a health care professional in determining what is appropriate for your size and frame. Belly fat seems to be the most dangerous, as it is strongly associated with the serious illnesses mentioned above.

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