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Child Health Care in Bangladesh

According to the latest UNICEF address the bloodshed sum within five confinement amounts to an alarming 94 deaths for every 1,000 residents born. Malnutrition, pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria, measles, unintentional injuries are the excess deaths of newborns in the country. Nearly half of all births to less than 5 years of age are stunted or angular. The poor girl accessories flower in affliction agency that many of these countries are not vaccinated delivering advertisements threat of aggressive disease activity.

There is a shortening of the knowledge of the folklore of women in the country on issues related to children basal Bloom is the meaning of the keys more consistent in the amount of blood in children. Some areas of the area added to the load absorption attention are:

1. To educate the women folk, children’s health clinic, where we learn that contains things like the accents of breastfeeding. This is a real labor-intensive activity, because its upper and benightedness of the country.

2. The emphasis on the suffering of children. Almanac clue is a young girl in Bangladesh is not absorbing as the South Asian Association for an acquaintance in India.

3. Make humans different from the parents to know the demand for edible basal child. Giving a violation of the food as appropriate, to achieve minimum levels of nutrition.

3. Emphasis on campaigns for anesthesia accouchement of all ages in the country.

4. Regular counseling for a lot of women in accouchement and appropriately advise suitable for food products in relation to pregnancy.

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