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Introducing Canada Peptide: The Home of Research Chemicals

Research ChemicalsCanada Peptide is the leading store to buy research chemicals from. As we are the most respected online shop to buy research chemicals and peptides, we are at the helm of providing educational materials that include peptides and other research chemicals. For this reason, our customers consider us to be the most valuable peptides research company for laboratory products.

By the end of 2011, Canada Peptide had set the pace as far as the standards of research peptide and the larger protein industry are concerned. Our company was started based on the value of giving all customers the same valued service and state of attention. We treat all individual customers and organizations with excellent confidentiality and service no matter how small or big they are.

Whether you want to buy an abnormal state protein, custom peptide, non-specific index peptide or any other research chemical, we are always glad to earn your trust. As our business strives towards your satisfaction, buy peptides from a trusted supplier.

You should note that all research peptides could harm anyone when ingested. They also irritate eyes, skin and respiratory organs. If your eyes are exposed to these chemicals, rinse with a lot of clean water immediately. We recommend the use of protective apparel such as overalls, gloves and clear safety glasses during research.

Let trained and qualified researchers use these, and keep people who are unprotected away. During the application of peptides, do not eat or smoke. Similarly, avoid inhaling and breathing dust or vapor. Because it is hazardous to water, keep water containers and sources away. To avoid contaminating the environment, conduct the study in a properly aerated area. After use, follow official regulations for disposal of the chemical. Adhere to precautionary measures and observe instructions such as storing in a dry area.

What peptides are
Peptides are amino acids with short chains and are linked by amide bonds. These bonds are also referred to as peptide bonds and both names are used interchangeably. Due to their ability to be made into long chains, peptides are numerous. These are similar to proteins in terms of structure, but the two have striking differences. A protein is an amino acid polymer and a polypeptide with many acids merged together.

How to manufacture peptides
Our company uses contemporary automated synthesizers during the process of manufacturing peptides. We guarantee the reliability of sequences by employing computer control and regulation to assemble and purify peptides from a database of sequences. Comparative HPLC systems then purify peptides. Finally, we select the best fractions after LC and MS analyzes them.


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