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Know the diagnosis and treatment of Jaundice in adults

treatment of JaundiceInfra hepatic Jaundice

If efficiency of liver is lowered, then it will not be capable enough to process bilirubin in required manner and bilirubin will be released in blood without getting removed as waste. This is termed as Infra hepatic jaundice. Liver may malfunction due to hepatitis, liver cancer, overdose of paracetamol, liver disease and also due to alcohol, illegaldrug. Obesity and liver with fatty alcoholic disease may be the cause of liver cirrhosis leading to jaundice in adults. Eating habits of huge fat diet enhances cholesterol level and forming in gall stones which also enhances liver disease.

Diagnosis of Jaundice

Doctors generally verifies with thesymptoms of jaundice for purpose of detection. If the skin, urine, eyes turn yellowish, then the doctors expect Jaundice in adults. Physical examination for swelling of liver, ankle, feet are also carried out to assess liver cirrhosis. Doctors also ask to carry out tests or examinations for urine which should be tests for level of urobilinogen which is formed by the combination of urine and bilirubin and by the level of urobilinogen doctors also can assess the level and type of Jaundice.  Blood tests are also asked to be carried for detection of hepatitis or malaria. Blood tests related to liver function tests may detect nature of liver disease like alcoholic liver disease or hepatitis or cirrhosis.Sometimes, small amount of tissue is extracted from liver to carry out tests for cirrhosis or liver cancer. This is termed as biopsy of liver. Doctors may also ask for carrying out CT scan, ultra sound, X-ray to detect position of liver and bile duct.

Treatment of Jaundice

Once major cause of Jaundice is detected, doctors can start treatment for Jaundice to arrest the particular critical condition for Jaundice.

  • One basic treatment for Jaundice is to take complete rest at home.
  • Blood transfusion may be required.
  • Medication with antibiotics.
  • Treatment related to intravenous liquid may be required.
  • If the cause of Jaundice is drug, then it must be withdrawn.
  • In special cases, surgical application may be required.
  • In prehepatic Jaundice, if the cause is malaria, then medication is required to remove the infection.
  • If cause of prehepatic jaundice is thalassemia, then blood transfusion may be required.
  • If liver damage occurs due to alcohol consumption, then discontinuing of alcohol is advised with support of medication.
  • If liver disease is severe and cannot be recovered, then liver transplant may be carried out, if donor is available.

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