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Minimally Invasive Surgery For Knee Replacement

images (24)Knee replacement is a surgical procedure that is commonly performed with the intention to replace a knee joint broken due to degenerative illnesses. More than 500, 000 people go through this surgery treatment annually and this number is set to increase. As its name suggests,minimally invasive surgery treatment is an invasive process that involves the use of little cuts between 3 to 5 inches wide to carry out the surgery treatment. Unlike its open surgery treatment version, the knee does not need to be cut open and padded back post operation. This leads to a faster chance to recover, smaller hospitalization stay and better looking aesthetically. In this article, we will look at some of the advantages of minimally invasive process (MIP) surgery treatment for knee replacement.

Medically, there are no significant differences between a conventional surgery treatment and MIP surgery treatment. Smaller cuts between 3 to 5 inches wide are created instead of 8 to 10 inches wide cuts with conventional methods. In conventional surgery treatment, the quadriceps as well as the tendons at the front of the knee and thighs are cut. In invasive surgery treatment, these two are saved and left unchanged. Instead, 3 little cuts are created near the patella in order to place a camera and automatic hands and physicians will perform perfection tasks using robots. The main aim of MIP is to reduce stress to the tissue by conventional surgery treatment, leading to less pain, less unwanted injuries, less infections, smaller time to recover and cheaper for the sufferers. Patients will only need 50 % of energy and effort now to get rid of a walker and need of a walking stick to move around. Most significantly, MIP has a greater achievement amount due to the use of little automatic hands to help the surgery treatment. The surgeon is able to view high-definition amplified images of the knee throughout the surgery treatment. This will enhance the precision as well as ensure a greater achievements amount.


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