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Defy Your Years With Botox!

Botox is in vogue regardless of the season and it will never go out of fashion. In the past, Botox was confined to celebrity circles, allowing affluent patients to maintain a youthful face for longer. Today however, everyday patients can afford the reduced price of Botox to look and feel younger. Staying younger and feeling confident gives people the strength to face life with confidence and zeal. If you are sitting at home or in your office wondering how old wrinkles make you look, it is time to reclaim the skin and face of your youth.
Rather than going straight to the nearest cosmetic parlor, it is a good idea to do the research and find the a trusted local provider with plenty of experience offering cosmetic Botox. Established cosmetic surgeons and providers, like Dr. Tansavatdi in Thousand Oaks, offer treatments like Botox in a professional medical environment. And when you visit a provider like The Tansavatdi Cosmetic & Reconstructive Center, you can rest easy knowing that the treatment is administered by a board certified plastic surgeon at one of the most frequented plastic surgical facilities in the Southern California.


Dr. Tansavatdi offers Botox in the form of injections that work to paralyze the wrinkle causing cells in the skin. This leads to loss of existing wrinkles and prevents them from coming back. You can be certain you will achieve wrinkle and line free skin for the next three to six months.


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During a personal consultation your skin will be tested for sensitivity to Botox. In case of adverse reactions to Botox, Dr. Tansavatdi offers a number of alternative products, such as Dysport and Radiesse, that patients with sensitivities to Botox often react better to, and which produce the same or similar effects.

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