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Health Issues In Trucking Industry

images (28)Truck driving is a unique profession that, just like almost any other job, has the potential to cause a variety of kinds of health concerns for those that choose this profession. While some of the medical concerns relevant to trucking are due to the extended hours of seated and driving, others are more relevant to way of life choices that tend to be typical with the field. Many trucking companies identify that some of these way of life choices are at the heart of many of the most typical medical concerns clinically diagnosed in truck drivers. They are offering support and rewards for vehicle drivers to create a few simple changes in their work out routines, living that will lead to a reduced chance of these health concerns developing.


Obesity in the trucking field is not just a risk; it is one of the most significant problems that is seen in the profession. Being overweight is usually a mixture of eating the wrong kinds of foods; those that are would be the, sugary and unhealthy, and not getting enough work out. Often truck drivers eat two or more meals a day at junk food places, vehicle stops or diners. Thankfully that many of these kinds of dining places are now offering more healthy choices in the form of whole wheat bread, soups and fruits and other more healthy treats. However, it is important that truck drivers know to create that choice and to limit their consumption of the less healthy choices. Obesity itself is a induce for many medical concerns. The more weight that your body provides the more your heart works, the greater your threat for creating pre-diabetes or Type two diabetic issues, and the higher your threat is to have an injury when you are unloading, loading or going up the around the vehicle to secure a load.

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